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I’ve got a new job 🙂

I always knew when I started freelancing in February 2016 it wouldn’t be forever.  Sure enough the first job offer arrived from Celador a couple of months later, they offered me the chance to go to The Breeze in Torquay to look after breakfast and be the stations programme manager.

I was very tempted by the offer from The Breeze as it would have been a staff position and my first management job. After some serious consideration I turned the opportunity down as I wanted to enjoy my new home for a while longer.

Fast forward to August 2016 and I was invited to apply for a job in the United Arab Emirates at the soon to be relaunched Radio 2, which is now under the control of the frequency owners Abu Dhabi Media as opposed to Gulf News who’d run the station alongside Radio 1 from Dubai for many years. I put together a general demo, had a telephone interview and within 2 weeks of moving into my new house I was offered the drive job with a September start date which came and went. Experience means I know things can take a while to sort in the Emirates, come December everything was go again and formal offers where made early February 2017.

My mind was made up that the UAE offered a unique opportunity to work on a ‘new’ station from day one and the chance to live in a capital city, both of which I’ve never done. All being well I’ll be on the ground in the middle of March and on air again very soon.

You can contact me via on email or using the contact page on the website if you’ve any questions about radio in general or working overseas as I’ve done this with BFBS, Channel 4 in Dubai and now Abu Dhabi Media.

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