2016 a year of firsts

By On
1. Got sacked 4 days into the year despite having a valid contract for the first time in 27 years of doing radio
2. Went skiing to France with some amazing friends
3. Started freelancing for the Wireless Group
4. Moved back to the Midlands
5. Worked for Celador on The Breeze network over the Easter Weekend – Pat Sharp made me a coffee, probably the highlight of the year
6. Got offered a breakfast show combined with a management role that was hard to turn down, although I did just that. After 9 years constantly moving around I owed it to myself to stop for a while, regroup and live in my home not a renter home
7. Revalidated my flying paperwork after a 2-year break
8. Covered 191 miles riding a push bike around London in 2 days
9. Moved into my new house in Shropshire 11 months after it was started
10. Built a shed, laid a lawn and created a garden at my new home
11. Said yes to an amazing job opportunity only for it to disappear as quickly as it arrived
12. Grew up a bit, sold the 2-seater sports car and freelance mile muncher and combined them into a semi sensible Seat
13. Resolved getting sacked in a positive way for me
14. Grew the voice over side of my business
15. Worked hard, rarely said no, did lots of miles, spent a small fortune on petrol/diesel and made an OK living from ‘The Have Headphones Will Travel UK Tour 2016’
13 positives and 2 negatives in 2016 – I’ll take that.
Now looking forward to 2017 and seeing what happens next.

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